Why Am I Scared?

Why Am I Scared?

How easy is it to dream?

Pretty easy in my opinion, but it’s taking that dream and manifesting its reality that can pose a challenge.

Many of us are terrified at the thought of jumping out there and making dreams come true. (Myself included) Why is that? I can’t speak for anyone else ... but I have been scared of failing.

I know that I have awesome ideas. I get them all the time. For years I have been afraid to act on any of my dreams whole-heartedly. I would treat it like a book ... pick it up for a while and put it back down. I’m not sure if it’s simply because I didn’t believe in myself or if I didn’t think I was fully capable, I just didn’t know.

One day I finally said to myself, “If anyone else, who has come from a worse situation then you, can follow their dreams and be successful, why can’t you? (literally out loud!) Looking back, now, I could never imagine disrespecting myself like that again. Why can’t I believe in myself that much? I can put support behind so many things and so many people, but who is going to support me? ME!

I say that because I am my biggest advocate. I am in charge of which direction I choose to go. Guidance and direction can ONLY be received and put into action if I make the conscious decision to FOLLOW or LISTEN TO what is given. Simply put, you can choose to run away from or chase your dreams!

I had to adopt that state of mind. State of mind being described as ...

“The status of ones consciousness, as in their perception of the outside world, their perception of their own institution” There are various states of mind ... but this is where you research for yourself!

Once you decide to believe in YOURSELF and your ability to manifest the greatness that you want for your life, and continue to stay focused on your purpose, you are limitless. There are so many “definitions” for this state of being."

"blessed, lucky, universe provides etc."

Arriving to a limitless state of being ... state of being meaning being described as ...

“the quality of your present experience ... the overall physical condition of a person ... state of existing ... present realm of reality ... creator”

When you have arrived at a limitless (without limit, end or boundary) state of being (ability to create) ... you are on your way!

Once this is achieved, you will be more than capable to receive the guidance that you need to continue creating greatness in your purpose.

It all starts with you.

So are you running away from, or chasing ....

Love YOU! Mean IT!

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