Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

This journey has been amazing. I know that I have a GREATER journey ahead of me, but I am so appreciative to have made it to the place that I am resting in now.

In just a short period of 1 year, I have learned so much about myself and have learned to LOVE parts of myself that I didn’t know existed ... and I discovered .... that I’m PRETTY DOPE!

Self love is pretty hard for some of us to do. For years we were “conditioned” to perceive ourselves one way, not knowing what we were truly capable of and not tapping into our fullest potential.

You have the power to live your wildest dreams, but it is going to require a GREAT DEAL of SELF-awareness, SELF-motivation, SELF-determination and SELF-drive .... you have to LOVE your SELF enough to want GREATNESS for your life.

It is going to require YOU ... A GREAT DEAL of YOU. THE DEAL IS FOR YOU TO BE GREAT!

“don’t be surprised at how fast the universe will move with you when you decide to be “GREAT”

You are responsible for your own happiness. So why not create it to be great?

Are you ready to be dedicated to yourself? To being the best version of yourself? When you are tired, when things don’t seem like they are going your way ... will you get discouraged, or will you remember that you have the power to create the solution to any obstacle that is keeping you from progressing forward?

If you continue with the mindset that every day is a new day to create greatness ... the day that you NEED to have, a peaceful day, a (I’m not going to let the things that I can’t control effect and affect my day) KIND OF DAY .... then everyday will be an opportunity learn, grow and to be aware of yourself and your capabilities.

(That run-on sentence was necessary ... who made the rules anyway . *shrugs*)

As soon as you decide that you want the best for yourself ... things will start happening in your life ... quickly. The saying goes, “Be careful what you ask for!” Many times we ask for something, wish for something, but we are not in a position to receive it and then we don’t know what to do with it.

Stay focused on the goal, receive guidance from the creative energy that created you and remember why you were created and CREATE GREATNESS.

Love YOU!

Mean IT!

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