Be Resolute in YOUR Greatness

Be Resolute in YOUR Greatness

When the new year approaches, many of us claim a “New Year’s Resolution” and many of us may not see that resolution through.

What is a resolution? Derived from the word resolute, it simply means determined and unwavering ... resolution meaning determining on an action or course of action.

Are you resolute in your journey to GREATNESS? Is that something that you can be committed to all year long? This should be a daily resolution!

You never have to put a time stamp, or condition on wanting better for yourself and this around you. Be spontaneous (genuine) in your desire for greatness. There is no real plan ... there are no rules. Simply because we all journey differently through life.

My course many be different from the next, but we are all KINctd. in the sense that it all starts with self ... and self-progression.

As the new year approaches, meditate on how you will manifest the greatness you want in your life. Be resolute in your GREATNESS. Continue to motivate yourself. Be the change that you want for yourself.

GREATNESS is on the horizon ... are your eyes open?

Love YOU!

Mean IT

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