Follow Your Dreams ...

Follow Your Dreams ...

As I sit here ... as tired as a person can possibly be, I am filled with soooooo much joy. Life is not perfect at any instance in time but to be at peace is a joy that cannot be described by words alone.

I am completely engulfed in peace. This amazes me and brings me joy at the same time. I am experiencing the most trying time of my entire life and I am at the most peaceful point in my life at the same time.

I am so excited to be stepping into the place where I belong. Where I was meant to experience life instead of living it. I have missed out on so many experiences because I felt incapable.

As exuberant a person that I am, up until today, I have lived a life of despondency. I would have more “bad” days than good.

I could SEE the GREATNESS in myself, but I didn’t BELIEVE in myself to CREATE it.

I woke up at 4:15 on October 28th with confirmation that it was time for me to start believing in my abilities to CREATE the GREATNESS that I want for my life. 4 + 15 = 19. I started living my dreams because I am the biggest advocate for my dreams.

There are to 3 male energies in my life who are at the very heart of why I have chosen to follow my dreams. My father, my brother and my son.

My father is an amazing artist. The first time I saw him draw a portrait, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He sparked my love for art! (I’ve tried to get him to pick the charcoal back up but he keeps stalling on me lol) I share my blogs with him from time to time. The other day he left a comment on my blog to live life to its fullest. I am a daddy’s girl at heart and I cried tears of joy to see my father’s blessing to follow my dreams written right there in front of me.

My brother is my biggest fan. I share all of my wildest dreams with him and he is always right there encouraging my journey to GREATNESS. He has always been my sounding board.

Today, my son was so excited to see what I was doing, he was so involved. It was so peaceful to see his excitement to learn and I was excited to teach! I am manifesting the energy that will spark his GREATNESS.

I follow my DREAMS for those who are FOLLOWING ME. This can easily be taken as those who are paying close attention to me and for those who will come after me.

Today, December 7th (12 + 7 = 19) I have arrived to a state of peace, because I am free. Free of self doubt and worry. Everything will work in the way that it was intended and GREAT days will continue to be CREATED. I hope that you have had a peaceful rest and that you continue to be the best version of yourself.

Love YOU!

Mean IT!


This has definitely spoken to my heart! You have NO idea! 🥰


Im glad I can be there for you wherever your endeavors take you. I will be right behind you.

Marcus Fowlkes

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