Me Time

Me Time

I never really understood the importance of me time. 

I would think that I was taking time for me ... reading a book, taking a bath, going shopping, taking a nap lol. 

But as I sit here, at 4am in the morning with my thoughts, reminding myself of how AMAZING I am and how every obstacle that I have had to overcome is already worth it!

.... I realize that this is ME time. 

Taking the time to self reflect on my day. Things that I could have done differently and how to apply them to my journey in real time.  Loving the person that I am creating myself to be and manifesting a plan for forward progression.

Self-reflection evolves into self-awareness and when you aware of yourself ... the possibilities are endless, as it relates to how you can navigate your path. 

I challenge you all to spend some time with yourself today. To reflect and recharge. Shift and refocus on what tomorrow you want to create ... and DO IT!

Create Greatness!

Love YOU! Mean IT!

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I love this post. This month is all about reshifting and refocusing our energy to create greater good in our lives. Today is 11/11/11 in the spiritual world. It is the 11th year because 2+0+1+8=11. I read that today is a great day to manifest and shift your energy.


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