resonate with your GREATNESS

"I know it’s been a little rough lately .... trust the process and find peace in knowing that you love yourself enough to manifest the greatness you want for your life." 
Every day is a new opportunity to resonate with your greatness. 
“resonate with my greatness?”
Resonate simply means for something to have a particular meaning or importance in a personal or emotional way
Simply put ... let your greatness mean something to you! 
In life, we will find that things mean the most to us when we are directly “KINCctd.” to it in some way or it we “had a hand in it”. Things that we have created. 
This could be a project at work, our children and families, a hobby etc. Sadly enough, many of us don’t feel that type of “kinnection” to ourselves, to our dreams ... to our GREATNESS. 
We may have started with a hobby or had a passion for art, cooking or even exercising, and somewhere during our journey we stopped resonating with the greatness that we wanted for ourselves. We lost focus of self first. We have to be well in order to journey and experience or daily lives. Without self-love and self-care, growth isn’t possible. 
Take some time to meditate, think, pray .... however you come to a place of a clear state of mind and really take time to love yourself. Dig deep and explore how beautiful you are; what great things you have inside just waiting to be manifested. 
Reflect on your dreams and aspirations! Nothing can be a failure before it is tried, and even then you can get back up and try again because every day is a new day to create the greatness you want for your life. 
I challenge you to resonate with your greatness and #getKINctd to the greatness you have within. 
You deserve it!
#stayKINctd ✌🏾

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