Universal Melting Pot

Universal Melting Pot

This universe is a melting pot of so many different cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs. We may not all agree on each other’s beliefs, but I pride myself on respect and understanding of the next being.

I wake up every day at the same time like clock work. Alarm set or not. One morning I popped up at 4:15 am. I’m never up that early.

415 is considered an “Angel Number” ... a message that the life choices and changes you are making (or are considering) are in alignment with your Divine life purpose and soul mission.

Those that know me personally, know the significance of this confirmation. And regardless of what belief system you are a part of ... the one thing that is common across the board is that we all have the power to manifest the greatness that we want for this life.

The first step to manifesting the greatness you have within is always to speak on what greatness you desire in your heart. Debate me if you want but it’s true. What steps you take after that can either be prayer, meditation, action, etc. BUT YOU start to manifest the greatness by first speaking it to yourself.

I am so grateful for self awareness and challenge you all (as I do daily) whatever your belief to wake up daily and create the greatness you desire for your life. YOU deserve it.

I love you all!!!! Mean it!

Create Greatness Today!

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