When Is It Time?

When Is It Time?

Often times we have ideas, thoughts, dreams, wishes, desires etc. and 1 of 3 things happen:

1. You manifest the idea into something tangible. Dream to reality.
2. You continue to have the same ideas, thoughts, dreams, wishes, desires etc.
3. You ignore these because you don’t believe that it can manifest into a reality for YOU. You see these things happen for others and believe that you don’t have the same access that they do to pursue these ideas, thoughts, dreams, wishes, desires etc.

I have struggled endlessly with ... when is it time? When is the right time? Is there even meant to be a time? Wait ... is it my time? Will I ever be happy?

This is where self awareness comes into play. I had to become aware of my gifts. About the tools that I have within myself to manifest my wildest dreams! Go big or go home right?

What is the difference between an idea and an idea that manifested into a reality. One idea was just manifested into GREATNESS and the other was still in creation! If someone else with a similar idea was able to manifest it into something GREAT and get it to done, then why can’t you?

There may never be a perfect time, finances may never be perfect, life will never be perfect. Time is not waiting for PERFECT ... it keeps passing. Don’t waste time manifesting YOUR GREATNESS. Time is all we have and we deserve to make the best of it .... by desiring to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Understand that you are a creator. You create beautiful things. Your mind creates great ideas. You create great days to carry out those ideas into great successes . So let’s do it!

KIN - relative by being
ctd - connected
. - indefinite


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