Constant feelings of self doubt and inadequacies fill my thoughts. It’s painful to work through. Some days are unbearable and the weight of self doubt is heavier than carrying a child in your womb during the 9th month  

The feeling of not being enough.
Enough for .... for what right?
Who made the rules of adequacy.

I am enough for me! I am enough for the greatness that I am creating.  

There is no meter gauging how life should be lived. About where we are “supposed” to be. We will all be in different places and different phases in life. That’s just the design of it all. Paths may cross or even parallel ... but should never be compared. Our journeys are unique in that they are our own.  

One person’s reality will never fully be experienced by the other but are all apart of a bigger story being told and those experiences are what connect us  

You will drive yourself crazy trying to fit into a mold for a life when you were destined to create a life of your own.

Instead, of focusing on where you feel you should be, based upon influences throughout your life, focus on your victories. The greatness you created today. No one else could have done it just like you ... and that was enough. That was adequate. 


Ad - denoting motion to, increase, intensification

Equate - equivalent, equal to, balance

We are not defined by our current state of being.

Focus on your state of mind and your state of being will align. Focus on being the best version of your self and you are destined to arrive.

#peacebeuponyou #staykinctd

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