"Vibrate Higher" Wrist Adornment

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As with any journey, any gaining of knowledge of one's self; there should be a natural elevation to the next phase or next level of your journey.  The feeling you get when you have accomplished something, when you are having a great day, when you just feel a little lighter ..... your energy is at a higher frequency or vibration. #vibratehigher

Labradorite is useful during change, providing strength and perseverance.  Balancing and protecting, it raises consciousness.  Black Jasper is a protective stone that helps ground your energy as your vibrate higher.

As you continue to transform yourself and your mind, create the greatness that is destined for you. #staykinctd #vibratehigher

We all have the power to create the greatness that we want for our lives.  We just have to have faith in ourselves.

  • 1 Handmade Wrist Adornment 
  • Semi-precious Black Jasper
  • Semi-precious Labradorite
  • About 8 inches wide
  • Stretches